Forest for Change is a beautiful installation at the renowned Somerset House that offers you the chance to reconnect with nature and learn about the Global Goals. Amidst a forest of 400 trees, you will find 17 mirrored pillars representing the 17 Global Goals which promise a better world for us all.

While there, you have the opportunity to share the change you wish to see in the world, by adding your voice to an audio installation at the 17th pillar. Your message will become part of Voices for Change – a project bringing together the voices and passions of people across the world in support of the Global Goals.

If you’re unable to visit Forest for Change, you can still be part of Voices for Change. Whether you’re in Lagos, Nairobi or Delhi, your voice matters. So why wait? Add your voice today!


Do you want to see cleaner oceans? Or a future where women have the same rights as men? Do you want to see racial equality achieved?

Whether you’re a climate campaigner, a gender activist or someone who just wants to see real change in your lifetime, we want to hear from you.

Your contribution will become part of ‘Voices for Change,’ a collaboration with the Google Arts & Culture Lab that will bring together the voices and passions of people from across the world in an interactive online experience, in support of the Global Goals.

Thank you for taking part in Voices for Change. When sharing your voice message, please do not state your name. Please ensure your contribution is not obscene, offensive, hateful or inflammatory. All submissions must be in English and no more than 15 seconds long. Here are some examples:

“I want to see all women and girls have the resources and freedom to reach their full potential.”
“I want to see an end to discrimination in the education system.”

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