Artist: Es Devlin

Executive Producers: Richard Curtis, Kate Garvey and Rachel Waldron

Co-Creators and Global Goals Lead: Project Everyone

Landscape Designers: Philip Jaffa, Fahmi Ardi (Scape Design)

Bird Song Soundscape: Brian Eno, Cheryl Tipp and the British Library Board

Pavilion Music: Robert M Thomas

Singers : Daisy Chute, Lydia Clowes

Associate Designer: Jack Headford (Es Devlin Studio)

Production Team: Angus Cunningham, Darren Bosworth (Scotscape)

Principle Contractor: Jez Clarke, Jez Gooden (Beautiful Wonder)

Lighting design and luminaires: John Cullen Lighting

Sound Supplier: Andrew Hedges (Autograph Sound)

Structural Engineers: Neil Thomas, Christopher Matthews (Atelier One)

17th Pillar Executive Producer: Hannah Cameron

17th Pillar Interactive Creative Director: Tom Seymour

17th Pillar Production & Installation: Artists & Engineers, Olaya de Marcos, William Young, Francis Redman, Elise Plans

Supported by:, Salesforce

Material Partner: Amorim

Additional supporters: Pangaia, Google Arts and Culture, Bloomberg Philanthropies